MySmi)e Unboxing
Great Product!
I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about using this product before I tried it. I have very sensitive teeth and my enamel isn't the greatest. The product stated that it didn't cause any pain and I am happy to report it did not. Just whiter teeth!
Nice packaging.
The majority of the directions were super simple.
Does not hurt sensitive teeth.
I could see a difference after just one use.
Kit comes with enough product for 9 uses (Suggestion is weekly for 7 days then a 3-4 week break).
Made in the USA.
The Gel complies with all FDA guidelines.
Mouth Tray is both FDA-Grade and BPA-Free.
Some of the directions weren't totally clear, and some consumers need to be led by the hand through everything, these consumers may be confused.
I found a total of 5 spelling errors on the packaging, they weren't bad enough to cause confusion though.
This product was provided to me in exchange for a blog post review. Below is the link to purchase the product:

First Observation: Nice Packaging, clean, minimalist design (Perfect for a teeth whitening product).

Photo 1: The MySmi)e Kit came with a LED Accelerator Light.

Photo 2: The Mouthpiece.

Photo 3: Directions and a whitening shade guide.

Photo 4: Underneath the directions were 3 tubes of the MySmi)e Whitening Gel.

Photo 5: “Mystery Pieces” Not mentioned in the directions.


  1. Take the batteries out of the LED Accelerator Light and remove the plastic film and reinsert the batteries to power the device. (Tifster Note: Very smart move on the packaging department’s part. Nobody likes getting their product to find out it has a dead battery. So far I am impressed.)
  2. Attach mouthpiece to LED Accelerator Light. (Tifster Note: Picture wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t rocket science either. Mouthpiece successfully attached, frustration-free.)
  3. Apply 05ml of MySmile whitening gel to both the top and bottom of mouthpiece (0.5ml each side). (Tifster Note: I found this a bit odd, they completely failed to mention that the blue tip must be taken off and I’m guessing here “the mystery piece” attached to the whitening gel. It also didn’t say where to apply the gel, but the picture and common sense were enough for me to know that it goes on the two front pieces that will be touching your teeth. It also failed to mention that you needed to push around the gel so it is covering the whole of the front surfaces, again, this is almost common sense, as you would want all of your teeth to have gel applied to them).
  4. Insert the mouthpiece attached to the LED Accelerator Light into your mouth. Click the button, it back, relax, and enjoy the whitening process. (Tifster Note: I believe they meant “sit” back, but alas, I always find the grammatical errors.)
  5. The LED Accelerator Light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes with sound. (Tifster Note: Yep! This worked perfectly, just as described.)
  6.  Rinse your mouth after treatment, avoid eating or drinking staining foods or beverages for at least 1 hour. rinse out the mouthpiece and reseal the gel syringe with the sealing cap. (Tifster Note: Yay! I did step 3 correctly as the sealing cap is now mentioned.)