Partnering with Firmoo Optical
So excited to be partnering with Firmoo Optical! They offer a free pair of glasses for new customers exclusively! Use code: AUFFF or click to get one right now! Shipping not included. Follow along on Instagram @firmoo_optical to see which frame is just right for you and presents the best vibes.

Here is my experience with purchasing frames online for the first time.

First, I had to calculate what my glasses prescription would be based on my contact lens prescription. The calculation wasn’t difficult at all, because my eyesight is so poor.

If your eyesight is below -3.50 diopters you don’t need to make any changes to the diopters between glasses and contact lenses.  Although the net clarity from contact lenses will be slightly higher since they sit closer to your eyes, slightly increasing actual diopters.

My eyes are both -6.50, so no conversion necessary there. If your eyes, however, aren’t that bad here is the formula and a chart:

Any prescription over -3.50 to -4 diopter, and add +0.25 diopters for every two diopters of increase:

Next, I headed over to and started looking at the options under Women’s Glasses. I went ahead and selected “Rectangle” for shape because those work the best with my face shape. There were 18 styles to choose from (ranging from $7.60-$36.99, not bad at all even at full price) in a variety of different colors and patterns per style. I limited it down to my top three and asked my husband’s opinion. We both were in agreement that the glasses (shown above) were the best shape and most “like me.” I added them to the cart and started to fill in the Rx that I converted earlier. Then it asked for a PD, but there is a ? that you can click that explains how to calculate this. I was a bit concerned because my PD was below the “average.” (Tifster Note: I later found an old pair of glasses and found out that the first number on the inside of your glasses before the square is your PD – my calculation was correct). I checked out. Then I received my glasses in just a few weeks after ordering. They looked just like the pictures online and fit perfectly.

I will be purchasing more frames from them in the future.