68" Splash Pad Toy
Splashpad: Great Fun for Toddlers!
My son absolutely loved this splash pad. He was a little intimidated at first, but then he was jumping through the sprinklers in no time at all! Set up was very easy, you just unbox and attach the hose. After the water starts to fill up the outside rim of the splash pad, just pull the sides of the splash pad to make sure that there are no bumps or little folds (this makes sure the water will go higher!). After your little one is done playing simply turn off the hose. We left ours out on the lawn, because we knew he would want it right away the following day. If you decide to unplug and fold it up, that is relatively painless as well.

A great activity for toddlers that are still getting used to the idea of playing in the water. My other older son thought it was great too, and immediately jumped in. We will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this toy this summer.

68" Large Size
Can adjust how high the water Is
Great for Little kids and tweens!
Can be a Little Intimidating to small children at first